Are you curious?

Have you ever wondered about your life as a Soul? Asked yourself, what does this life mean to your soul? Why are you here? What is your purpose? How can you learn from your past? What does it mean to be soul centered?

How do the Akashic Records help answer these questions?

The Akashic Records are a vibrational database of everything that has ever existed within the Universal vibration of God. You have an Akashic Record representing your current lifetime. You also have records for all the past experiences you have had since the creation of your soul.

Come and Explore with the Master Teachers

Come and explore the Akashic Records with the Master Teachers as your guides. Mother Mary and Archangel Raphael are the hosts with many other enlightened beings joining us on this journey.

Learn proper protocols to follow when accessing the records. Be guided by a Master Teacher as you use tools to access the information. Your own records are open to you when you are ready. Learning how to access them is an important step towards healing your soul connections.

What is included?

Exploring the Akashic Rcords course has two classes. Each class is part lecture, part guided visualization and includes a vibrational healing. These healings are designed to help dissolve the layers of illusions you have placed within your mind. Layers designed to block you from consciously remembering your life as a pure spirit. Many of these layers were created to help you live life without the pain of separation from the source of your being; your soul.

When and Where?

This course is recorded and available today! You can find purchase it  from my eStore.

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If you are ready to receive help as you shift into a higher vibration and embody more of your soul wisdom, this class will share basic tools you can use today!

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