creatorhand2Wow! Do you feel the energy of change and transformation within your life? Are you feeling overwhelmed and cut off from anything that keeps you grounded and centered? So many of us are experiencing upheavals in our lives it can be disorienting to find any sense of normalcy right now. These massive upheavals might have been started by us, or maybe they have been forced on us through our association with where we live, who we love or who we live with. The answer to how this all started or how this all happened isn’t even important right now. What is important is to find a way to ground and center your thoughts, your mind, your body. Take control of your life and learn how to create a life you love.

I am feeling the very same way. My work and how I share my work within the world has changed. I have been shaken up once again and brought to the surface knowing I will survive but as the song says “the past is in the past. Let it go.” Once I agreed to directly channel wisdom from the Master Teachers of the Akasha it was obvious they want me to do this and will support me in this new chapter of my life. They want their messages to be heard. They want the courses they have channeled through me to be shared.

So I am doing my part. I am putting together the classes. audios and manuscript for Open the Doorway to your Soul: the Akashic Vibration Process. I am creating a website to support this dynamic and transformative information. I am making this available to you. I will commit my time on a daily, weekly basis to create more material and to make available and teach the material they have channeled through me.

Now it is time for you to step up and do your part. Your part is to meet me or us half way. Order the audios. Sign up for the classes. Attend the workshops. Prepare yourself to become the creator of your life. These classes, the audios and the channeled messages all have been created for one purpose.

That purpose is to help you connect to the sacred wisdom of your Soul Being through your Golden Chakra of Wisdom so you can receive, interpret and work with the Divine Beings who call themselves your Council of Light.

I am excited and ready for this next level of creation. Are you? If you are take the next step and come work with me and the Master Teachers of the Akasha.

Here are few ways you can take that next step today.

  1. Go to my website and purchase one of my audios. They are all channeled by the Master Teachers of the Akasha. I am working on the ebooks that will be accompanying them and will include the transcript to the guided visualization.
  2. Sign up for my workshop!
  3. Sign up for the monthly Goddess Attunement
  4. Sign up for the monthly Question and Answers session with the Master Teachers of the Akasha.
  5. Listen to my free 30 min podcast which will be recorded and ready for you whenever you have 30 minutes to devote to listening to the channeled message from one or more of the Master Teachers of the Akasha. Right now I am doing this podcast live at 9:00 am CST on Sat. You can listen live or listen when it is convenient by following this link

Memberships are being created to help build a sacred circle of light and support for all the beings whether in body or pure spirit form who want to participate in the podcast.

Memberships will include:

  • A library with all the channeled podcasts from the Master Teachers of the Akasha along with their transcripts and interpretations from Maggie on some of their concepts.
  • Monthly Goddess Attunement with transcripts and interpretations from Maggie on some of their concepts.
  • Monthly Question and Answers session with the Master Teachers of the Akasha along with their transcripts.

The workshop I am giving August 16th and 17th, 5 Steps to Create a Life you Love Now! in beautiful Hudson, Wisconsin will be presented within the historical Hudson House Grand Hotel. If you are coming be sure to check out the dinner theater within the Hotel. They are currently playing “That Lovin’ Feelin’: The Story of the Righteous Brothers” which was first produced and shown right here at this hotel.

I have created a special discount code for this workshop if you sign up within the next two weeks. and save $70.00. Check it out. It promises to be a truly transformational weekend but I am limiting the number of people who can attend since I want to ensure both the student and the teacher are comfortable and relaxed enough to truly take advantage of the transformational energy of this event. To sign up now and receive your discount please visit 5 Steps to Create a Life you Love Now! page on my website.

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