Grandma&MorganChange is the only constant in life! 

I was raised in my early years primarily by my grandmother, Toni. I didn’t call her grandma Toni though, I called her grandma. I knew she was my one and only grandmother. Life was simpler then. Change inevitable.

Today I am the proud step grandmother to 4 wonderful little babies. They have several grandmothers with many titles and names. I am happy they have so many people to love and care for them. I know I have a relationship with them, but it will never be the same as what mine was with my grandmother. I understand life happens and social structures move on.

Plus I am aware they are growing all to quickly for me. Another change I cannot control.

I am on an ascension path with my work. I am happy to be doing more, meeting more people, teaching more. But that is a change to my schedule and presents challenges which bring about choices.

Life and timelines share with me, time waits for no one. I will miss my chance to interact with these lovely children while they are young if I don’t slow down and treat time with them as a priority. Make that change a choice.

Then as a business woman with a successful business, I know I am stretching myself too thin. So, I made a choice to stream line my life and focus on less things. Bring my attention back to the power of 3.

My 3 things for my life choices are: Family, Career, Personal Growth.

Within those 3 things are 3 things.

So for Career, I chose: Teaching, Mentoring, Creating

One of the first things I needed  to gain control over was my weekly priorities. I do look at the whole month, the whole year and such, but my weekly priorities were building up to too many.

I know I don’t have the right balance yet. But it is becoming more clear what the right balance could handle.

I am making the choice to streamline my radio presence. I wanted to work in the radio media and have tested different platforms and partnerships. I have been very happy being in partnership with Edge Talk Radio but I wanted the consistancy of a weekly format.

I have worked with Om Times Media before and I wanted to share in their new radio platform. I believe in their wonderful humanitarian works and I want to contribute to their growth as I also grow my own voice and followers. So, I have ended my partnership with Edge Talk Radio and will no longer make live shows for the Akashic Vibrational Edge. I am thankful for the opportunity to share some time with the Edge Magazine readers.

I do hope you check out MasterMind with Maggie on  Learn more by clicking the link.


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