Turn up your vibration of love!

AVP-Logo-STACK-SMDoes your vibration of love need a tune up?

There are times when my heart bursts open and no matter what I had planned for the day, I find myself engulfed in an emotional dance of experiences. Everything that happens during the day is felt within my body, mind and emotions as if they were on fire. This type of moment happens more often during the glorious spring months.

I feel so alive and in sync with Mother Nature and the rhythm of the Earth. I am experiencing a wonderful vibration of love. 

To help me get into this moment on days I am not feeling so connected, I love to go outside and take a walk in the woods. Stop by the streams and watch life blossom and unfold. These are all moments I take the time to breathe. To just breathe in the breath of life and allow myself to sink into the vibration of the Earth. Taking a mental snapshot of the experience within my mind.

I imagine a brilliant burst of light flooding all around me and lightening up my corner of Earth. Finally, I move my thoughts to show the planet spinning slowly in front of my eyes and envision the entire world flooded with the healing light of God and his wonderful angelic helpers. As I view this I also allow myself to feel and sense the tingling sensation of my vibration lighting up.

Each time I work within this image and this connection to Earth and my own vibration, I feel a sense of connection that helps to heal my heart of any sense of separation. At that moment I have just turned up the vibration of love within my life.

If you are feeling separated from others, separate and alone, and want to feel a sense of connection, have a desire to turn up your vibration of love, I invite you to go out into nature and do this yourself. Take the time to breathe and feel calm. Focus your mind on the images of nature. See the light penetrating your world, your body and the Earth. Stay with the image and expand your feelings and awareness to sense the tingling and lightening of your vibrational essence.

I hope you stay in this vibration of love and remember this connection to your Soul.

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  1. I felt that tingling sensation reading this blog. Your words are very inspirational and moving. Thank you for sharing and being such a bright light! Love to you. ❤️

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