The Blessings of Life

Happy Holidays! 


Here we are once again in a time for happiness, blessings, and sharing our love with others. Many of us have special days we celebrate within the last two weeks of the year. It feels as if the Earth is saying,  “Be joyful. Life is precious here within my realm. Sing and be joyous. For you are here now on Earth.”

This picture is of me with a beautiful tree my husband planted many years ago. She is special member in our family. My husband lovingly planted each of our trees with only one exception. I cannot imagine this all being destroyed within the course of a day.

As I prepared to send out my holiday newsletter, I asked the Master Teachers to help me craft an email that shares hope, love, and wisdom.


Here is their response. 

It is hard to understand how life is created. What the purpose of each life is for?  We see you struggle to try and understand, and we ask you to take a higher view. Look at it from a larger perspective, the perspective of your source, your soul.

Through each struggle, trial, and journey that exists, there also exists joy, happiness, and moments of incredible bliss.

This is all designed to help you explore the human experience. To learn, grow, and expand your own soul’s wisdom and contribute to the Akashic Vibration of the Source. To add to the wisdom stored in the Akashic Records.

Take each day as a unique gift from God, the Source, and from your Soul.

Be aware of life but not so captivated by what you perceive from others, that you forget to tune into your own source of light, your own soul wisdom.

Know you are loved and supported.

Take actions that are complimentary to your choices and goals.

You will succeed in your soul’s purpose for growth, expansion of your knowledge and wisdom of how to be a human on Earth. Living in harmony with all other life. Peacefully and happily creating the life you love in partnership with your soul’s wisdom and the divine guidance of the Source, the Akashic Vibration of God.



As I write this, I envision everyone who reads this will receive a warm energetic hug from the Master Teachers and me.

We are sending blessings your way. Stay open to receiving these blessings and we promise you will see a lighter view of life. Happy Holidays!

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