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stairway to cosmosSoul Healing, Access Akashic Records, Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, & Spiritual Mentoring

Life can be tough, and at times we could all use guidance, help from a higher perspective.

Sometimes we want to be supported, nurtured and allow ourself to be embraced within the loving vibration of source.

I can help you feel that presence within your life and I will share ways you can  work with the divine vibration of source to create a healing path for your future.

Session prices are based on amount of time. 30 mins = $95, 60 mins = $180, 90 mins = $250.  A past life regression session will be 2 hours, the price $300.

Longer sessions are available, ask me for prices. Email questions are $40 for one, $65 for 2.

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Discounts available for mentoring with a prepaid commitment of 3 or more sessions. 


Soul Healing

Soul healing is very dear to my heart. I have worked with many healing modalities over the years and have offered up my services as a Medical Intuitive and Soul Healing facilitator. To learn more about my sessions and my way of working in this capacity please click here. Soul healing sessions are effective whether we are in person or not. Energy and soul vibration does not follow our understanding of physical boundaries.


Access Akashic Records  

Are you searching for guidance? Wondering about your life partner? Desiring a loving soul mate? Questioning your life path? Do you want to talk to your angels, spirit guides, loved ones in spirit? Within a reading of your  Akashic Records, I connect to your soul wisdom and ask for guidance to be delivered in a safe and loving way. This connection allows me to read your energy fields, your Akashic Records, and share wisdom from your Council of Light.

If you need assurance from a loved one who has crossed over, we will invite them into our sacred circle. Any question, or request will be answered. This type of session is very soothing to your soul and will provide insight into your true soul’s purpose for  this life.



Spiritual Mentoring 

Are you ready to work through issues and concerns you have been experiencing? Develop ways to let go of the past and move forward in partnership with your Soul? Are you ready to actively work with the higher vibration of your Soul and develop partnerships with the Divine Guidance that surrounds you?

Spiritual mentoring will help you make sense of your experiences, create ways to understand past memories, and be grateful for the lessons. It will help you move forward as you release the weight of the past from within your energetic vibration. A spiritual mentor is someone who has attained knowledge of the mystical realm of life and is comfortable in facilitating guidance, healing, or communication from the higher realm.  Read more in my blog post on spiritual healing now. 




9 Step Spiritual Healing Path

This 9 session mentoring package is designed for people who are going through major upheavals within their life. These changes may have affected your ability to attain or maintain health within your body, emotions, mind, and spirit. If you understand living a healthy, balanced life is a choice and are ready to work with your Council of Light to create a living plan for your continued wellbeing, this is the right choice for you. Sessions lengths are normally 60 mins.


Discount on pricing for Spiritual Mentoring Commitment. 

The most important difference when deciding to go for a set of  mentoring sessions over one private session is the commitment you give when you sign up. You are sharing with me and your own divine wisdom, you will invest the time to develop and grow your connection to your Council of Light. You want to expand your understanding of your Soul’s purpose for this life. We will honor your commitment with a discount when you commit to a series of 3 or more sessions.

Sessions may be once a week, every other week or once a month. The timing depends on what is right for you in your life right now.


Contact me today and allow yourself to feel nurtured and guided by God. 

Many people are realizing the benefits of a mentoring process. These highly sought time slots are limited in number. If you are interested, contact me today.  


I can’t express the depth of love and compassion I felt when the Angel of Love shared a message with me during our session. I know we talked about it afterward but I still have not stopped crying. Crying for all the pain and suffering I allowed myself because I was unable to forgive and let go of bitterness and anger while I father was dying. After he had crossed over, I was like a stone. Caught in my own prison of emptiness. I will forever bless my friend for telling me about you and your work. Maggie you truly are an incarnated Angel. Please continue in this work. Thank you.


Just a follow-up to say thank you for your kind words and help. My attitude has really improved over the past days and I am feeling more hopeful and less anxious for the future.  I listened again this morning to the audio piece you recorded for me prior to work and I have felt so much more peaceful all day.

As a side note, I feel like I am being “connected” with more people who are in tune with energies and souls since our visit.  One in particular said he had a premonition or a feeling that I would be the dentist to help him, and another brought up bad spirits associated with illness, etc.  I feel like I am running into more people with similar beliefs or goals now, or perhaps I just notice it more.

Thank you again and looking forward to meeting with you in the future.


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Open the Doorway to Your Soul: The Akashic Vibration Process

Open the Doorway to Your Soul is a new book of channeled messages from the Master Teachers of the Akasha. The Akashic Vibration Process is a Spiritual Healing and Soul Development course designed by the Master Teachers of the Akasha.

The Akasha is the vibration where your Soul resides.

The book is designed to help expand your conscious understanding and connection to the source of your true being; your soul. Within the chapters you will also share in the changes Maggie goes through as she developes her confidence to channel this high vibrational wisdom. Receive spiritual mentoring as you read the book from the master teachers. Use their methods and learn the tools. Discover how easily you can develop your ability to channel the vibration of the Source of God.

The course work is designed to take you from the level of Awakening to your higher wisdom and discovering your life purpose, to becoming a spiritual mentor and healer for others.


Your class was a wonder experience!  I have learned so much about myself and excited to learn more.   Please include me in the classes that are coming up.  This was a profound experience for me, so much so, a friend stated that I finally look like I’m comfortable in my own skin.  Thank you again.

–Kim S

I’m thankful to have met you. I’m thankful for your kind heart and ability to share your spirit and knowledge with me. Your Akashic Records class was a huge contributor to my transformation! I’m hoping accessing my records will help me to rise to a higher level of consciousness, which will in turn enable me to help others as a life coach. Thank you Maggie!

–Dajon S


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