Queen Ariel of the Elves – an introduction


I received a birthday present from my Council of Light, a new sacred contract with Ariel the Elven Queen. 


It’s my birthday! While I am still growing my number of years on Earth, my soul is ancient and some days I feel ancient too!

I am fully connected to my soul now. It took me years of struggle, study and practice. Years I would like to help you save, through my knowedge and education within the vibration of the Master Teachers and the Akashic Vibration of the Source of the Universe, God.


A new sacred contract

Today I attained a new level within my life’s creation. I received a new sacred contract from my Council of Light.


I have reached the point in my life, where I am sharing the wisdom of the Akashic Master Teachers in many forms. I have created prosperity in my life. I flow in Archangel Raphael’s River of Wellbeing, most of the time.

I have built a life in balance and harmony within all levels of my soul, my body, and my current life on Earth.


My present from my Council of Light was a new sacred contract for the Earth’s ascension with Gaia – Mother Earth, Mother Nature, and our third advisor for Earth, Ariel the Elven Queen.


I had meet Queen Ariel before

I had meet Queen Ariel before and associated her with Archangel Ariel. She shared Archangel Ariel is one of her personas. She told me that just as I assume a persona of an Ascended Master of Akashic knowledge when I channel, so too does she assume personas of other beings through the people who connect to her.


We all come from many dimensions and timelines. Many of the divine teachers of light are known by several names. Just as we have more than one personality, so do the Akashic Master Teachers. 


Queen Ariel is lovely, very feminine. She enjoys the gold and sparklys my husband loves to share with me as gifts.  I enjoy sharing in her vibrational space as well. She makes me feel more feminine and connected to a vibration of light that glows within the Earth.



My new Sacred Contract

Queen Ariel is going to come forth through our shared channel of light to help give voice to the many elementals within Earth’s vibration.


Queen Ariel will join with Gaia – Mother Earth, and Mother Nature to bring her wisdom and teachings to the list of Akashic Master Teachers who specialize in the Earth’s ascension. They teach what this means to you as a human being living on planet Earth sharing this vibration with the elementals who live on planet Earth just in a higher vibration.

We have many classes and podcasts to create. So much to do. I am excited to start this new chapter within my Book of Life. Thankful, I was found to be worthy of this sacred contract, this sacred partnership.


I promise to share Queen Ariel’s wisdom with you.

I would love for you to contact me. Let me know any questions you have for Queen Ariel or any of the elements she represents. Together we will Mastermind on your questions and share our answers within this blog.  Send me a message. You an do that here. 


Hope to hear from you soon!


2 Replies to “Queen Ariel of the Elves – an introduction”

    1. Hi, this is Maggie. I interpret this to mean, if someone is living now (incarnated) can you still channel with their soul? Let me clarify, I believe to channel is to bring that vibrational essence into your being and allow their wisdom to come through you. So, yes you can. But I highly recommend you know the spiritual laws in place when you channel before you allow that to happen.

      It is safer to communicate with their soul than to channel. Before you channel any being, please learn to channel your soul vibration and establish in your consciousness who you are, what does your unique vibrational essense feel like. That way you will be better prepared to maintain the purity of your source
      when you work with other beings in a channeling partnership.

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