Mother Mary speaks about a Mother’s Love

Love from a Mother’s perspective

Are you a mother? Do you have a mother? Have you ever noticed the love of a mother is one of the most important aspects for creating a healthy, well balanced life?  I have noticed the love of a mother is very important. And I have keenly felt the absence of that love since my own mother died when I was 9 years old.

I remember during the first Mother’s Day church service I attended after her death, I was given a red rose. Red to signify my mother was no longer alive. If your mother was alive you received a white rose.

I had never noticed this ritual until that first Mother’s Day. I made a decidion I would never attend church on a Mother’s Day again. I didn’t need the reminder.


Celebrating a mother’s love from many aspects

Today I am a Mother and a Grandmother. Mother’s Day holds many levels for the feelings for a mother’s love.

A couple years ago, I started my podcast calling in Mother Mary. I asked her to come through and help us understand what it means to know love from the highest aspect of a mother’s heart.


Here is her message. It was recorded on Mother’s Day, May 10th, 2015. I hope you enjoy her vibration and find her words uplifting and enlightening.


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