Mother Mary – the New Earth children

goldenangelOn an episode of Angel Talk Tuesday, the conversation was focused on the New Earth children and their pivotal role in the continued expansion and evolution of our planet.

They are here to teach us many lessons of shifting our primary frequency out of doing and into being present here, now. They are here to heal the planet and healing the planet begins with each of us discovering our own true nature.


Channeled message from Mother Mary


When it became my turn to channel some wisdom on this subject, Mother Mary came forward. She first reminded us that we are all children to the many divine beings who are here to share their light and wisdom with us.

The children who have been born within the last 10 years were born to a planet with a different vibration. This gives them greater support for their physical bodies to hold the vibration of light and love. It also provides them a heightened sensitivity to the energy of others. They are very affected by their environments. Thanks to the awareness of their parents, their different and unique way of being in the world isn’t being suppressed as it had been in the past.

While we have been working on becoming more aware of ourselves as spiritual beings, our children are being born with a stronger inner knowing of how to connect to the light of their soul very quickly and easily. We too knew how to do that but many of us were discouraged, and sometimes we were taught that form of communication is dangerous.


Remember how to connect to the light! 

Mother Mary shared it is important to help our children remember how to connect to the light of their soul. We set the best example as we tune into the light around ourselves. She shares by encouraging them and teaching them to get in touch with their inner wisdom through meditation and mindful practices, we encourage ourselves too.

She shared, we should allow our children and our animals to help us remember how to be full of love and how to enjoy the life we are blessed to receive. Reminding us to use the power of synergy to help lift us up. When 2 or more are present, the sum of our energy is greater than the sum of each individual being added together.

Listen to her full message here

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