Mother Mary shares a vibrational healing for your Soul

channelingVibrational Healing channeled by Mother Mary

I was once again blessed to channel the loving vibration of Mother Mary. She graced us with a sacred vibrational healing for your Soul. She shared that it is time to understand yourself as a vibration. This healing meditation will help you dissolve boundaries that would keep you from feeling safe and protected within the vibration of the Source of All That Is, or God.

Mother Mary created a vibration of love, acceptance and warmth that will open up your heart, your soul and your mind to connect to the vibration of your Source; your Soul.

Please take the time to honor yourself and create a sacred loving environment to listen to Mother Mary and allow her vibrational essence to surround you and bring you into the vibration of your Source.

To enhance your vibrational healing experience:

  1. Be prepared to stay in the vibration for a few minutes after her message has ended.
  2. Have your personal journal available or something you can write on.
  3. Then write down your feelings.
  4. What are you sensing within your body?
  5. What is your mental awareness of what you experienced?

By taking the time to write down your impressions, you will be able to help yourself ground the vibration of your source within your body and your awareness. You will help harness the vibrational healing quicker within the many layers and levels of your being.

You can watch the video or listen to her message, and feel in touch with her vibration of light and love here. 

Here is the video of her channeled vibrational healing

Here is the link for my video on youtube

Hear is the audio


I am so honored to have Mother Mary be a part of the Master Teachers of the Akasha and share her sacred vibration and wisdom with me. She will be with us for our certification course, the Akashic Vibration Process which starts March 02, 2016.

If you want to experience a course on Spiritual Healing and Psychic Development taught by Archangels, Ascended Masters and our beloved Mother Mary, please take a moment and check out

This transformational course will only be shared once a year and requires a six month commitment from you and your Council of Light to work together and graduate knowing you are in dialogue together and you are all working to create life in alignment with your heart’s desire and highest good.

This message was a part of Angel Talk Tuesday. I invite you to listen to all three channeled sessions. Julie Geigle channeled wisdom from Archangel Metatron. The lovely Katherine Glass was with us and she offered channeled wisdom from Ezra and the Galactic Federation of Light.  You can listen to the entire episode by following this link to the show archives. We have learned it is best to click on the show title. Then you will be taken to the individual show page. The link on that page will be correct.

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