Master Buddha shares methods to master your mind

Maggie’s Spiritual Connections

Master your Mind with practice

Master Buddha is one of the Akashic Master Teachers who share their vibration and wisdom through me as a channel for Source.

It has been a privilege to be able to hold Master Buddha’s vibration and bring his wisdom forward.

During our partnership together, he has provided much needed clarity and guidance helping me understand soul healing, and learning how to share this wisdom with others.

You will find links to his podcasts and class the 3 C’s of Soul Healing within my free membership area of our educational website .

Buddha helps you gain clarity

When you set out to master your mind, you create a clear intention to work with your highest and best vibrational alignment with source. This will brings you into the akashic vibration and the level of alignment with your soul.

I was first introduced to Buddha when he approached me and wanted to share a message on my radio show, Maggie’s Spiritual Connections. Since then he has come through two more times in a channel and was the primary teacher for my free class, 3 C’s for Soul Healing.

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