Jesus – Reenergize your light vibration!


Jesus shares a vibrational healing to help you reenergize your light vibration.


One morning when I woke up, I knew I was in the powerful vibration of my Council of Light. I knew they wanted to channel a vibrational healing I could share with others. Since I was no longer creating weekly messages through a radio show, I had been enjoying listening to past messages and moving into the creation of classes.

While I love my client and teaching sessions, something was missing from my weekly routine and I realized that was it. I was channeling within my classes but hadn’t created a message to be shared within my blog.


Benefits from this channeled vibrational healing

I did not realize how much I looked forward to letting the Master Teachers come through and surprise me with a message for the week. So I went to a quiet spot in my home and I thought about what guidance I could use right now.

I had heard from several people within the past few months about an issue they shared. They were ready to let go of waiting. They wanted to engage in their ability to create a future that would energize their passion for living. they wanted help to reengage with life and people again.

I wanted to reengage with my passion to help people heal, help them know they are always connected to the light of their soul, the light of God. I wanted to share my truth in healing my own body. The truth that every time I dig deeper into my ability to heal my body and stay in a state of overall well-being, I consciously breathe in the breath of life. I can see what that looks like. I know what it feels like within my body. This is a precious gift from the God, and from your Source, breathe in the breath of life and reenergize your body with each breath.


Channeled Session Audio 

With those thoughts running through my head, I allowed myself to connect and channel a message. Within seconds, the Master Teacher Jesus came through. He immediately started to channel a vibrational healing designed to help you connect to the understanding you are a being of light. You are here to be part of the army of light that has been predicted to come to the world at this time in history.


We are the army of light that has been predicted will come to help heal the Earth and mankind.


Each of us is a powerful vibrational source of light and Jesus shares a vibrational healing to help us know, and feel this truth.

To received the most benefits from his healing presence, you are asked to be in a quiet space without distractions.  As you listen to Jesus, allow yourself to relax and visualize the energy shifts he is sharing during this vibrational healing message.

Final thoughts

When you finish listening to this vibrational healing, please take time to allow yourself to feel the changes within your physical body. Allow yourself the opportunity to accept the presence of Jesus, Mother Mary and Archangel Raphael into your heart. Say “yes, I am ready. I activate each cell of my body with the vibration of my source. I am an anchor of light within this plane of existence.


Blessings, love and light to you!

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