Isis – You are infinite!


A message of hope and happiness from the Goddess Isis

The Goddess Isis came through with a message of hope and happiness. She affirms you are infinite, you are unique and you do have a council of light as your guides within the world of spirit. The world of the Akasha.

She asks, do you ever wonder if there is more to life? Do you believe this life is all you have? This is all there is? She shares those are thought of fear. Those thoughts allows you to act without consequences. But there will always be consequences. Actions and reactions. You can not abdicate your power to chose. If you do not make a decision that is a choice. A choice to give your power to another is still a choice you made.

Since you make multiple decisions everyday why not make them with a clear connection to the source of your soul wisdom?  


Connecting to your source vibration is simple

Connecting to your source can be as simple as bringing air into your body.  When you take a moment to breathe in the breath of life and focus on your breathing, you are connecting to your source vibration. It is that simple.

That simple act will lighten up your energy body and your mood. You need air to live. Chose to embrace living each day connected to the light of your soul. Start with 3 deep breaths as you visualize, imagine and feel the air connecting to the cells in your body and lighting everything up.

There are an infinite number of ways to connect with your source of light; your soul. There are as many as every being in existence for you are unique. You have your own soul language. Learn how to recognize your divine wisdom sharing knowledge and understanding with you. Learn how to view this life as an important project for your soul. See the direction you want to go and plan to achieve your goals.


Listen to her channeled vibrational healing.

Feel yourself move into the vibration of golden light. This light shares the vibration of the true source of the universe. The bliss of feeling connected to All That Is. Isis then leads you on a healing to release excuses, fears, worry about the future and things that might not exist. She asks you to stay in the vibration of the light and love that is being shared with you through this message. She asks you to embrace your passion for life.

You can listen to her message and feel in touch with her vibration of light and love here. 


Isis inspires and encourages you to chose happiness. You are an infinite being of light and love. Chose to be happy. Chose to share happiness with others. Chose to partner with all the divine beings of light that are always around you wanting to be of service.


Are you ready to receive guidance to help you reach your infinite potential?

Learn more about Isis and the other Master Teachers. Sign up for a class. Purchase a book from Maggie and get it signed. The Masters are waiting.

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