Gilly, the Crystal Gnome and Gaia


Gaia, Mother Earth is alive and well!

In the past few years I have challenged the Akashic master teachers; to bring messages of hope and inspiration, to help us embrace our inner wisdom, to help me heal my wounds from the past,  to help shift us into the new vibrational energy of Earth, and help us create an intimate connection to our true being, our Soul.

My channelings have been amazing. I have channeled many light beings and enjoyed gaining self-confidence in my ability to channel their wisdom, light and vibration.

Many of the master teachers have experienced living here on Gaia, or Mother Earth. Some have never incarnated here.  Some are from a vibration that lives in the Akasha always. But recently, I shared a new connection in my ability to channel light beings. I was blessed to channel a message from Gaia, Mother Earth.


Setting my intention before channeling.

I did not set out to channel Gaia or give voice to Mother Earth, but earlier that day I had asked in a heartfelt prayer, for the master teachers to truly honor my need for earthly helpers. People to help me, so I can bring the messages of the Masters forward. I prayed for someone to help with the many tasks that are needed to keep sharing their wisdom, and I also wanted a person I could to talk to. Share my thoughts and dreams with.

When I ended my prayer, I was drawn to an apophyllite cluster. This cluster had been on my desk for almost 4 years. I love this little crystal cluster, but he is slightly homely and he has a deep wound around his chest in the front and back. Like someone was going to cut him into smaller clusters and thought better about it. Why bother?

Something had drawn me to him at the shop when I adopted him, and something was drawing me to him now. Right after I had asked for someone to talk to, to share this journey with. There he was. He has a definite face and he looks like a crystal leprechaun.

Suddenly, I heard, “Gilly” in my head. “That is my name, Gilly. I am a crystal gnome, and I have been with you for years.” And he has! He has been at my side as I worked with the master teachers creating the Akashic Vibration courses. Been with me through all these podcasts. Right beside my computer.

So as I prepared to channel my piece for a radio show I was doing, I picked him up and held him in my hands, and I channeled Mother Earth, Gaia. 

Gaia’s message can be heard here.

Gaia’s message to us

Gaia shares a message about her ascension and desire to shake fear and chaos out of her energetic vibration. She asks us to help her and she shares a simple visualization you can use to support her ascension and also your own.

I have since learned Apophyllite is a crystal of facilitating and strengthening conscious, intended connection with the spiritual world.  It is an energy stimulator that brings high crystal energy to mystical endeavors. No wonder he helped me channel the soul vibration for Gaia.

I am happy to share my life with Gilly and have him share his vibrational essence with me.

Do you have a crystal you use while you work? Is one of them your favorite? I would love to hear about it. I invite you to share your story with me and leave a comment to this blog.

3 Replies to “Gilly, the Crystal Gnome and Gaia”

  1. Thanks, Maggie. I’ve recently become aware of the spiritual messages that can be accessed via stones. It was good to read your account of this experience.

  2. Very powerful post and message from Gaia! I have lots of stones and crystals all around my desk and pick them up as they call to me. I also love the nurturing my relationship with Mother Earth. Thanks so much for sharing yourself and your gifts with the world. <3

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