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Exploring the wisdom of the Akasha is my passion. I love to work with the Master Teachers and share their knowledge of life and the creation process.

But it’s tough to be a small business  entrepenuer in today’s wired world. Technology is always changing and challenging. This year pushed me to explore my boundaries and move more directly into the world of online teaching.

Recently, I decided the best way for me to support my work with the Master Teachers is to have it all located on one website. Free up my mind to focus on sharing their wisdom with others. Embrace the opportunity to create courses based on the prompting of the Master Teachers and questions we receive from the members of the Akashic Vibration Awaken tribe.

Membership is free when you register on the AkashicVibration.com website. This link will take you there. 

I accept I have everything I need to be a successful teacher for the wisdom of the Akasha is available to me. When I ask and allow the Masters to come through, they do. It doesn’t matter if the student is in front of me or if we ever meet in person.

As I embrace this concept and work within the dynamics of building conscious awareness within my life, I am finding more freedom to express myself as a teacher and life long student of metaphysics, quantuum physics, mind control methods, and self healing techniques.


Akashic Vibration Awaken tribe & website 

I will continue to move our library of audios, videos, and blogs to our educational website, AkashicVibration.com. There are many masters that have shared healing messages and vibrational healing sessions. Those on our free Awaken level will grow. I invite you come and listen to Mother Mary, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Michael, Gaia – Mother Earth and many others share words of encouragement, compassion, and divine love.

If you feel prompted to expand your spiritual growth and enlightenment, please join us and become a part of the Akashic Vibration Awaken tribe. You can do that by registering for the site. The login/register button is on the menu. We want you to feel supported within the sacred circle of enlightenment, the Master Teachers and I provide.


Trusting in the Flow 

Join us. Learn how to trust life is flowing in the direction of your thoughts and desires. Learn tools and prepare for the unexpected encounters of daily living. Prepare your mind to quickly adjust your awareness, become present with what is happening. Take action with confidence you are divinely guided and safe within the care of your council of light.

Later, confidently determine where your life has been most affected. What lesson are present within this change? Decide if you will accept, surrender, and flow, knowing you are held in the grace of God’s light. You are safe, whole, and loved.


It’s time to lighten up and have fun with the creation process. Life is too short to waste on what could have been, instead join me. Bring your focus each morning to “what new and exciting things will I chose to create today?”  Your guides, angels, and master teachers will enjoy creating with you as you expand your ability to know you are right where you are meant to be.

Become a member and register now! 


Life is a wonderful, blessed experience. 

Being in the vibration of knowing, accepting, and expecting life to be a wonderful, blessed experience, will help you maintain the health of your spirit. Your ability to hear, sense, and know the higher wisdom and guidance that belongs just to you will expand each day you wake up and joyfully breathe in the breath of life.

If you need help achieving the vibration of joyous, loving, appreciation for your life, give me a call. The Masters and I  are very good at encouraging and inspiring people to feel an expanded level of happiness, hope, and peace.

We send you blessings of love, peace and happiness.


Maggie & the Akashic Master Teachers

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