Archangel Uriel – Fitting in

goldenangelArchangel Uriel discusses the source of your spiritual nature and the desire to fit in.

Your desire to belong, stems from your spiritual knowing you do belong within the vibrational support of All that Is, the Source vibration of God. You instinctually know and feel the connection all around you.

As you grow and awaken to the depth and power of your true spiritual nature, you want to be able to hold and channel the wisdom and support you feel from God.

As you embrace your unique presence in the world and work to create your life, you want to stay connected and in touch with the bliss of knowing you are connected to the Source of the Universe, to God. 


Archangel Uriel asks you to remember the spark of desire that first created you, your unique essence of life. It started the moment you thought “I AM” and separated from the Source of God, in that moment you birthed a new soul. From your initial soul’s birth you are continually working to reunite within the Source of God. You want to feel whole, happy and safe again.  


It is time to remember, you have all you will ever need to create anything you will ever want. 

He then briefly addressed the subject of fallen angels. Uriel affirmed there are beings who have the wings of God, and are also rulers of chaos and physical form. He shared you have nothing to fear from these beings. You also have nothing to fear from Archangels, Ascended Masters, and the thousands of Light Beings that are here to help support and guide you.


Here are some words of wisdom from Archangel Uriel designed to help you understand your spiritual nature and higher purpose within the world. Please take a moment to feel the truth of these words.


  • You belong to the Universe. You are in your heart and at the center of your core being, a light worker.
  • You are unique in the thought processes of your own imagination. You are at your core: unique, alive, different, angelic, mischievous, warm, and loving.
  • You have a Soul Family. Archangels and Angels are all part of one big Soul Family because they vibrate at a certain speed and rhythm. You too have a Soul family that makes you feel safe, secure and loved.
  • The angels that are here to help you, can see the emotions that surround you as swirls of lights. The lights and the patterns share how chaotic or calm you are feeling. Humans are learning how to view and read these energies too.
  • There will be times when you go through your day and you will feel less satisfied. Feel as if you just do not fit in with your life, or the people you meet. The moment you are aware of a shift in though, the shift to, “I am not happy or content”, that is the moment you need to take a mental time out. Stop the noises from eroding your self confidence.
  • Stop the mental chatter of jealousy. It is not helpful nor does it serve anyone.
  • Treat life as a mirror. Let it share with you what you want in your life. Then ask yourself what are you willing to change to accomplish your desire? To attain your goals? Ask yourself, “what do I want in my life so much, I will make changes to attain it?”
  • Finally, embrace your uniqueness. Share who you are with others. Live every day in your own uniquely different way. Allow happiness into your life and watch yourself shine.


You can listen to his full message here. 

You will find another message from Archangel Uriel and experience a sacred soul healing meditation when you become a member of our free sacred tribe.

Here is a link to his page.

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  1. This message is so relevant to me and my life! Thank you so much for this, Maggie. I am in a dream group whose members incubating the energy of Archangel Uriel to discover what our soul path is in service to others! I woke up with a poem in mind at 4:44 am this morning, checked on line to see the significance of those numbers in relation to the energy of Archangel Uriel and connected with you. You message has touched me deeply. Thank you from my heart, Jenna

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