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My Goddess Energy is Alive, Awake, and ready to Teach!

Becoming a Spiritual Teacher  I am making progress in my understanding of what is needed to teach the coursework for the Akashic Vibration Process.My work and my own healing took some huge shifts when I took my first group of women into the Akashic Vibration, for my class Accessing the Goddess Within. It was our sixth journey to the Akasha together, and the first one without the male energy of our founding partners.  Many lives are shifting, including mine My life has ... Continue reading »

Akashic Healing

When I started to channel information from the Master Teachers of the Akasha, I didn't know what our new partnership would create, but I did know these beautiful beings had helped me heal my body and create a healthy and balanced life. I knew I was doing Akashic healing on myself.It didn't happen overnight (deep personal changes never do) but it did start to happen. The day I realized healing my Crohn's Disease was just the beginning of my process, I was ready to dig deeper and learn more ... Continue reading »

Monthly Goddess Attunement Podcasts

Isis has been with me throughout my life and has shared with me her wisdom and knowledge of how to attune women to their Goddess energy. The Goddess energy is active on the Earth right now and wants to be connected to each and everyone of her wise women.During these sessions a Goddess will share information to help you stay in attunement and learn to consciously channel the sacred wisdom of your Soul Goddess. The Goddess energy is here and wants to be connected to each and everyone of her ... Continue reading »

Goddess Attunement Sessions

My work with the Goddess Isis took a leap forward on my birthday this year when I channelled her wisdom during my radio show, Soul Connections which aired on June 23, 2014. During this show Isis came forward and shared an attunement for the goddess energy and the divine feminine to rise up and help with the expanded healing of consciousness for mankind and for the earth. Please listen to the messages she shared with us.I plan to continue working with Isis and she has asked me to schedule ... Continue reading »

The Energy of Change and Transformation

Wow! Do you feel the energy of change and transformation within your life? Are you feeling overwhelmed and cut off from anything that keeps you grounded and centered? So many of us are experiencing upheavals in our lives it can be disorienting to find any sense of normalcy right now. These massive upheavals might have been started by us, or maybe they have been forced on us through our association with where we live, who we love or who we live with. The answer to how this all started or how this ... Continue reading »

Sharing Goddess Messages

I am ready to take the next step in my work with the Master Teachers of the Akasha and in June I started to channel messages from the Goddesses. Isis is my primary soul Goddess and she has helped me plan out a way to offer Goddess Attunement sessions. The Goddess messages provided within these sessions will help each woman in the circle connect to her Goddess energy and learn how to channel her sacred wisdom.This process was shared with me in 2012 when I was teaching and channeling ... Continue reading »

Start the next healing chapter in your Life now!

Are you ready to heal and get on with life? Have the energies of the Earth and the many changes you are feeling within your life,  your work and your family got you ready to admit you need some help?I believe our ability to tune in and learn how to control our thoughts is the number one tool we use to create the life we desire.Sacred Healing Wisdom is using your natural connection to your soul’s wisdom to determine what you need to heal your life.In my classes on the Akashic ... Continue reading »