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Archangel Jeremiel – Today is a present from your Soul

goldenangelToday is a present from your Soul

On the first episode of Angel Talk Tuesday for 2016, our conversation was focused on learning how to love your life. We started out sharing it is time to make everyday a celebration. Learn to love every moment of your life and understand it as a present from your Soul. Archangel Jeremiel came forward when it was my turn to channel and made it clear, you can do this when you work within the Akashic Vibration.

I knew Archangel Jeremiel was with me and he came forward right away. It was exciting for me to finally give voice to the vibrational frequency I know so well from my days of creating and teaching the Akashic Vibration Process.

Archangel Jeremiel shared he is a part of the Librarians of the Akasha and he served as one of the architects of the Akashic Records. He helped set up the structures and processes that allow us to access this information.  He shared celebrating your life now could be his theme. He is able to help you review your life before you die and whether you chose to do that now or wait until later, you will meet with him when you are in your life review.

Reviewing your life before you die by accessing the Akashic Vibration and the wisdom of your Soul, can help you see the ripple effect of your choices. Help you truly understand actions have a reaction. Your reaction has an action. There is a circle of vibration that ties every choice together.

He asked that when you do open up and receive information to accept it. It is not offered with judgement on the choice or action you took. It is offered to help you learn how to grow and bring more of your soul’s wisdom into your conscious understanding. The hope is you will learn to see if you take a selected action then you will be able to bring more of  your source vibration into your life and be able to love more deeply, live life on a greater and grander scale.

He shared this message about working in the Akashic Vibration with the tools and processes the Master Teachers have developed.

 “Dear divine being, here are the tools you have at your disposal. Please will you use one of them to help you with your life creation? Do not beat yourself up over passed choices and actions. That doesn’t help anyone or anything and is only a waste of energy and time. Know the truth of these words, you are up to the challenges you face. You have the ability to move mountains, create miracles, and heal your life. You have the power to do this.  My job is to help you know your life’s purpose.”

Archangel Jeremiel shared, the best way to start every morning is to

  1. Control your thoughts.
  2. Clearly state who you are.
  3. Share this truth with your mind

“I am a being of light. I am here to help channel light and wisdom in the world. I freely open up and ask you, dear Creator, to use me. Use me to help solve the problems of Earth, for I know I have that power. Use me in a way that is for the highest and best for all concerned and I will have fulfilled my purpose for this life.”

You can hear his full message here

I invite you to listen to all three channeled sessions. Julie Geigle channeled wisdom from Archangel Metatron. The lovely Katherine Glass was with us and she offered channeled wisdom from Ezra and the Galactic Federation of Light.  You can listen to the entire episode by following this link to the show archives. We have learned it is best to click on the show title. Then you will be taken to the individual show page. The link on that page will be correct.

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