Archangel Ariel – Bring Balance to Life

thoughtsHow do you bring balance into your life?

For many of us the primary reason we experience stress and disease is because we do not know how to create balance within our life.  It can be exhausting to find a way to balance out personal responsibilities along with creating the time to explore things that bring you joy.


Balance doesn’t mean you are no longer available to help the important people within your life, but it does mean allowing yourself to know when saying no is the best option for you.


Archangel Ariel’s message

When I asked for a channeled message on this subject, Archangel Ariel came through. She shared this is a time of celebration for Gaia. She has accepted with joy her new vibrational alliance with the Universe. Gaia’s new vibration allows us to know we are multidimensional beings, receiving and interpreting information on many levels of time and space.


This knowledge can be jarring if you do not understand what is taking place.  Archangel Ariel encourages you to see yourself as the seed of creation from your Soul here within Earth’s vibration. How you extinguish your light through neglect.

Then she offered a way you can change your focus and create a more balanced life by saying this one prayer when you wake up in the morning.

I am joyful and happy to be here on Earth today. I am gratful for this new day to:  and then declare what you intend for the day.


Archangel Ariel explains a simple way to help your mind stay in balance and control, is to break things down into 3 parts so your mind can focus and adapt to your daily choices.


Areas of life to focus on

To help you gain clarity focus on these three primary areas of life. These questions will help you get started.

  1. Work – How do you contribute to your greater good and the greater good of your soul?
  2. Family – Who are the people who make being alive on Earth meaningful for you?
  3. Soul/Self – How are you connecting to and communicating with your Soul?  How are you interpretting the symbolic language of your soul? How are you expanding your knowledge to better understand your communication with your soul wisdom and your Council of Light.


Learning ways to create a balanced life will help you have the time and energy to share your gifts with the world today.

You can listen to her message here.




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